Karnataka IPS officer Annamalai to resign from police force, take political plunge?

Bengaluru, May 27: In what may come as a surprise as well as a sad news for his fans and admirers, IPS officer Annamalai, hailed as ‘Singham’ of Karnataka police, has reportedly decided to resign from his profession and probably plunge into politics.

According to media reports, Annamalai had planned to resign after Lok Sabha elections. A Kannada channel reported that he would be officially resigning on June 4.

An IPS officer of the 2011 batch, Annamalai may go back to his native state of Tamil Nadu and join politics, and according to reports, he has taken this decision after discussions with close friends and well-wishers.

reported that Annamalai is said to have met a few RSS leaders in the recent past, but there is no confirmation if he would join the BJP. An RSS source was quoted as saying that Annamalai would be taking the decision on joining politics only after submitting his resignation. Another source said that he may either take up social service or join a national political party.

However, Annamalai himself has denied reports about him joining politics, and has not confirmed about resignation either.

Currently serving as DCP in Bengaluru, Annamalai is known as a strict and upright officer feared by criminals and anti-social elements. During his stint as SP of Udupi, he kept a tight grip on fringe elements and earned the love and respect of the public, so much so that when he was transferred, people protested.

Hailing from Karur in Tamil Nadu, Annamalai began his career as ASP of Karkala sub-division in 2013, before becoming SP of Udupi and Chikkamagaluru districts. He was later transferred to Bengaluru.

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