Karnataka Health Department Establishes Guidelines For Admission Of COVID-19 Patients In Private Hospitals

Report By: Nandika Chand | Last Updated June 20, 2020

The District Surveillance Officer (DSO) in Karnataka has to be first informed about the admission of COVID-19 patients in private hospitals in the state. This is part of the new guidelines which the Karnatake Health Department has established in regards to the prevailing outbreak. There are 2943 active cases in the state.

Karnataka’s Additional Chief Secretary Jawaid Akhtar said a health team assigned by the DSO will visit the home or hospital to conduct a rapid assessment of the patient’s condition. As part of the assessment, the team will check the patient’s body temperature, oxygen saturation level and determine if there are any comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension or tuberculosis etc..

Akhtar explained that patients with body temperature greater than 37.5 degrees Celsius, oxygen saturation level below 94%, are above 60 years of age and suffering from known comorbid conditions will be taken to a dedicated COVID-19 hospital (DCH). “All other patients, even if older but not suffering from co-morbidities, those below 60 and suffering from co-morbidities and asymptomatic cases should be taken to a dedicated COVID-19 health centre (DCHC) or private hospital as opted by the patient,” he said. “Patients are assessed clinically and evaluated at DCHCs or private hospitals with appropriate diagnostic tests.”

With over 2,000 confirmed cases in Karnataka, the state government has made general examinations such as body temperature, BP, pulse, and oxygen saturation mandatory.

The state government has directed private hospitals to pitch in due to the rise in the number of cases in Karnataka. And in this regard, the private hospitals have requested the state government for a fixed cap on treatment costs.

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