Karnataka govt likely to lift weekend curfew

Karnataka govt is likely to withdraw weekend curfew and reduce night curfew by an hour. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai on Wednesday indicated that the state government will take a decision regarding COVID-19 rules and relaxation after consulting experts on January 21

He said based on the trends in different countries and states, experts have estimated that the cases may peak in the state by January end and February first week.

To a question, why discussion on relaxing curbs when the cases are expected to peak, he said, “the general feeling that it (infection) is like a flu, and not much hospitalization is taking place, so day-to-day activities can be allowed by following COVID rules. Experts are examining it, they will place things before us on Friday. Following which we will make a decision.”

Speaking to the media, Bommai said, “While the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing in the state, hospitals are reporting less number of covid cases. It is suggested to focus on strengthening the OPD (Out Patient Department).”

With surge in cases, the Karnataka government had last week decided to extend the existing COVID curbs such as night curfew and the weekend curfew till the end of January.

Meanwhile, The Karnataka Tourism Society (KTS) Wednesday wrote a letter to the state government asking it to lift the weekend curfew to help the sector operate as usual.

In the letter, K Shyam Raju, the president of the society, also asked the government to revise the night curfew timings.

Karnataka on Wednesday reported 40,499 new cases of COVID-19, and 21 fatalities, taking the tally to 33,29,199 and the death toll to 38,486.

Of the new cases on Wednesday, 24,135 were from Bengaluru Urban that saw 18,081 people being discharged and five virus-related deaths.

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