Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 21 2020

The government of Karnataka has taken a decision to keep up the existing state of affairs especially with deem to movement of vehicles in the city.

Praveen Sood, DIG conveyed that as outcome only e-passes and paper passes or passes published by other departments for official duties and NGO whose association provides the service of distribution of food are valid. In adding definite categories of people like government officials, Doctor, Nurses, Paramedics, essential goods, Bankers etc are suitable to travel without pass with their valid IDs.

Immediately noticed that large speed motorized vehicles are dominant in city. Till lockdown noticed that the blockade which had strongly apply yesterday, have instantly faded. There is no policemen and officers to check and compel passes even if the blockade are enduring.

There should be sharpen passes checking to impose lockdown. Passes published by outstation officers like DCs, SPs of District if observation should be snatched and measures are capability. And there should be no more e-passes or paper passes should be published unless specifically mandate.

The strongly blockading should be done even if it assist to road block.  Exclude some forbearance during the morning/ evening of movement to/from office hours, rest of the day/night should have zero forbearance for unneeded movement of vehicles.

Emergency day passes should be given to people with authentic request at the police station level. I would be making some checks in the city during the next few days, Praveen said. Please convey these instructions to all concerned.

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