Karnataka Elections: Tussle Breaks Out at Jayanagar Poll Amid Unending Recounts

The counting centre in Jayanagar is witnessing chanting from both sets of supporters amid heavy security.

In the late hours of counting during the 2023 Karnataka Assembly election, the Jayanagar seat is seeing multiple rounds of recounting after the Congress’ Sowmya Reddy is leading the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) CK Ramamurthy by the narrow margin of 294 seats, or close to 0.25 percent of the vote share.

While Sowmya was declared the winner around 7 pm, with a marginal lead of 180 votes, party workers claimed that there is a discrepancy in the votes counted.

Karnataka Congress party chief DK Shivakumar and a few senior leaders like Ramalinga Reddy are also present on ground. Congress MP DK Suresh, who is also at the scene, tried to barge into the counting centre in Jayanagar and ended up in angry exchange with police officers who stopped him.

Meanwhile, Tejasvi Surya and Jayanagar BJP candidate CK Ramamurthy also arrived outside the counting centre in Jayanagar, where the election is yet to be declared.

(This is a developing story. It will be updated with more details)

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