Karnataka Congress MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan hospitalised after testing positive for COVID-19

Report By Sarah | Bengaluru | Last Updated at Aug 19 2020

He confirmed on tuesday that he has contracted the disease and requests those who have come in contact to get tested.

Bengaluru: Congress MLA of Chamrajpet constituency takes to the social media to inform that he tests positive for COVID 19 on tuesday and gets hospitalized on the advice of doctors.
“He underwent a test after he developed a minor fever and his test returns back as positive.”

“Further he urged people who came in contact with him to get tested.” the MLA tweeted.

Over the last few weeks ministers like the Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa, leader of the opposition Siddaramaiah tested positive and also recovered from the deadly virus.

Several other politicians also have contracted the disease.

Zameer Ahmed Khan is a member of the Legislative Assembly, Cabinet Minister and former General Secretary of the Karnataka.

He was also the former minister for the Haj and Wakf Board for government of Karnataka.

In the last few days, Zameer Ahmed Khan had been frequenting riot-hit areas like DJ Halli and KG Halli in east Bengaluru.

He along with junior colleague MLA Rizwan Arshad even visited the area on August 11 during the violence with the motto of pacifying the crowd.

The violence had broken out over the controversial communal sensitive post by MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy’s nephew Naveen.

The crowd had partially burnt the house of the MLA and the police station along with the vehicles being torched. Currently Naveen and more than 300 people have been arrested.

Meanwhile the COVID cases surge in the state, Karnataka reported 7,665 new cases on Tuesday taking the total count to 2,40,948.

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