Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediuyurappa on Wednesday called an emergency cabinet meeting

Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediuyurappa on Wednesday called an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the coronavirus outbreak and indicated the lock- down in the state will continue.

“I have called an emergency cabinet meeting this afternoon; Speaker (of legislative assembly) has also called a meeting. We will discuss and will take what more stringent measures that needs to be taken,” he said.

Speaking to reporters here, Yediyurappa said, “…we need to take more stringent measures, when the US President has recommended avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people in his country. We will discuss in the cabinet and take all necessary measures.”

Responding to a question on whether the lock-down in the state would continue, the Chief Minister said, “most probably it will continue.”

The State government had on March 13 leapt into action announcing lock-down of malls, cinema theatres, pubs and night clubs for a week.

Instructions were also given to stop all kinds of exhibitions, summer camps, conferences, fairs, marriages, sports and engagement events and birthday parties state-wide for a week from Saturday.

While, schools and colleges remained shut, IT professionals and other professionals working in air- conditioned places were advised to work from home.

Till Tuesday evening, 11 COVID-19 positive cases have been reported in Karnataka, including one death.

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