Karnataka bought highest number of ‘Nidar’ revolver designed for officer goers

AGRA: Two years after rifle factory Ishapore indigenously developed country’s lightest revolver ‘Nidar’, specifically designed for safety of officer goers, an RTI reply has revealed that residents of IT hub Karnataka bought the highest number of revolvers.

Launched in February 2016 against ‘Nirbheek’, which was exclusively designed for women, makers of .22 caliber Nidar claimed to sold 196 units out 200 manufactured. The Nirbheek makers denied revealing the information in RTI, citing “Commercial confidence, trade secrets or intellectual property and the disclosure of which would harm the competitive position of a third party.”

According to RTI filed by TOI, the ordinance factory of Ishapore claimed that states likes Karnataka bought 37 Nidar followed by union territory Chandigarh 30, Haryana 30, Delhi 16, West Bengal 16, Punjab 15 and Uttar Pradesh 12.

Claimed to be the cheapest weapon in its category with price tag Rs 44,000 in retail, Nidar weighs merely 250 grams, much lighter than Nirbheek (500 grams) which was launched in 2014. According to ordinance factory board, based in Kolkata, Nirbheek cost Rs 1.09 lakh in retail.

As per officials, the idea behind creating Nidar was to arm both office going/ professional men and women, so that they can defend themselves from goons roaming on the urban streets.

“The revolver is capable of firing eight rounds loaded in a revolving chamber against Nirbheek which has only six rounds capacity. Unlike costly titanium alloy used in Nirbheek, for Nidar a totally new alloy of aluminum called ‘DTD5124’ which is very light and has supreme metal strength was used. The weapon can be carried in small purse, handbag, pockets of trousers and jackets.” said Ishapore officials.

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