Karnataka: Amidst Corona Virus scare government instruct schools to declare holidays till June


Bengaluru: The Karnataka State Government on Friday issued orders instructing schools across the state to declare summer vacations from Saturday March 14. The orders also state that all the students in grade 1-6 be declared pass for the academic year and their exams be called off immediately.

The circular issued by the Department of Public Instructions further stated that the summer vacations be immediately declared across the state and the schools can re-open for the next academic year only in June this year.

All the students in Grade 1-6 should be promoted to next grade without writing the exams while the students of grade 7-10 will write the exams on scheduled dates but the school will remain closed for study leaves and the students should be asked to appear for exams directly on the exam dates.

The move was prompted by the Corona Virus scare in the state, as the state reported India’s first death due to Corona Virus in Kalaburagi District.

The Department of College Education has issued a circular declaring holiday for all government, aided and unaided colleges from March 14-28.

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