Justice to Ajithab a kidnap case

Pragya sister of Mr Ajithab Kumar has sincerely organised this meet to get Back her brother whose been missing

Mr Ajithab Kuma’s case who went missing. Mysteriously on December 18 of 2017 from Whitefield as reached now here.

This case which holds deep mystery as put the police department in total dilemma where 6 months has been passed and still there is no progress this has put loud ones of Mr Ajithab Kumar’s un such a mental agony where words cannot be expressed. The time duration taken by the Bangalore police to treat this as kidnap case was week later which has in fact helped the person who masterminded the crime .Mr Ashok Sinha, father if Ajithab Kumar has been running from pillar to post since the day one just to realise that his son case is not going any where positive. According to the police statement this crime has been designed and executed with high modern IT technology and the criminals has left no clue behind which has actual left the entire Bangalore police in Avery confused State

After repeated request to the Bangalore police transfer case to the CBI the Bangalore police did not oblige later Mr Ashok Sinha approached the Karnataka high court pleased to transfer the case but the high court based in the response by the Bangalore police the court order the transfer of this case to CID
Even CID of Karnataka has not reached any point where there is a break through on this case in the same time the petitioner relative requested the investigating officer to get details from the gained company such as (google facebook and WATS app). The Bangalore police has sorted detailed information from this companies through MLAT format where this has to go through a very long procedure in United States of America as the company head quarters are based in USA the lengthy procedure is again epic blow to the police department.
Which in return hinders a investigation to the core..

Shoba Rani free lance. journalist has organised this preesmeet in press club. Pragya sister of Mr Ajithab Kumar has sincerely organised this meet to get Back her brother whose been missing… .as this case is pulling on from January. As their family is going through sleepless night as this is the biggest ever tragedy happened in their family.

Reported by
Nalini and Keerthana M

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