JNU attack was ‘organised’, nexus between varsity security & vandals: JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh

New Delhi:

Aishe Ghosh, the chief of JNU Students’ Union, said she is confident that there can be no police action against her regarding the two First Information Reports, since she has not been involved in any violence.

“I have not done any violence. The police first need to have proof against me to take action,” she told NDTV in an interview.

The FIRs against Ms Ghosh was filed on Sunday evening — around the time masked goons were on an attack spree at the university and she was taken to the AIIMS Trauma Centre, injured and bleeding.

The police cases, filed within minutes of each other, were based on complaints of the university authorities, which they had just received, the police said. The university claimed the complaints were sent much earlier.

Aishe and 26 other students have been charged with vandalizing the server room of the university twice — on January 1 and 4 — and attacking security guards to disrupt registration of students for the winter semester as part of their agitation against the fee hike.

Ms Ghosh insisted the accusation was a “story made up by the university authorities”.

“No such incident (in the server room) happened. I have proof of voice messages and screenshots. There are call records showing guards are beating up students in server room. ABVP activists came and literally lynched Satish,” said the student leader, claiming she was slapped by one of the security guards.

The administration is cleverly playing and trying to shield the perpetrators,” she said.

The students union, she said, had taken a decision on December 31, at a General Body Meeting with the hostel president, to boycott the registration process

On Jan 4, the protesting students were attacked by security officers and members of the Akil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. “Why would the administration not file an FIR on the ABVP activists?” she said.

Asked about videos from Sunday, showing her and a few other students with faces covered, rushing towards hostels — which ABVP cited as proof of attack by Left students — she said those videos were recorded around 1 pm, when she received the first complaints about goons attacking students on campus.

The attack made headlines, triggering protests across the country. In Mumbai, students who called for a “Occupy Gateway” protest at the iconic Gateway of India.

The investigation of Sunday’s violence has been handed to the Crime Branch.

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