Jammu attack in twin blasts

NEW DELHI: In first such attack from across the border, suspected Pakistan-based terrorists on Sunday dropped bombs on an IAF station at Jammu airport using drones. 

Two Air Force personnel suffered injuries in the twin drone strikes, which happened within a space of six minutes.

Jammu & Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh later confirmed that it was a terror attack, with intel sources saying that drones were possibly launched from a location within few kilometres of the airbase.

‘Lethal threat’

The use of drones to attack a vital military installation has led to some concern within the security establishment.

The defence and internal security matrix of the country has been talking about threats posed by small and remote-controlled unmanned vehicles for the last two to three years.

Indian Army

There have been occasional incidents of Pakistan-sponsored armed drones being neutralised by the Border Security Force (BSF), the Punjab Police

 and other agencies along the India-Pakistan border.

Drones cannot be detected by radars deployed at border areas to monitor enemy activity, officials said, suggesting that a different radar system that can detect drones as small as a bird be installed.
Meanwhile, security agencies involved in the investigations of the Jammu drone attacks are also probing the possibility that the terrorists launched the explosives-laden quadcopters from within few kilometres of the airbase.
Going by the amount of the explosive that the basic quadcopters carried, it is possible that the drone may have been launched by the terrorists from a nearby location that could be a few kilometres or less from the airbase, sources told ANI.

The aerial distance from the Jammu airport to the international border is 14 kilometres.

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