Itwaar chota pad gaya

“Itwaar chota pad gaya”
Poetry session organised by Anjana Welfare Society .
On fifth day of “SurTaal” festival many artists of different zoners of arts invited by Anjana Welfare Society .
Folk Ragini artist singer Shri Brahmpal Nagar,
He explained about this “Ragini folk art form”.
Second artist was world renowned poet shri Pratap Somvanshi, in this festival ‘Itvaar chota pad gaya’ lines expressed by him, as it was a Sunday evening,
so Indeed it was well appriciated by the audience.
Then discuss about Raigarh Gharana with Dr Rakhi Joshi she sung some technical paran which is related on Birds sounds and many more.
And after the program Classical dance Manipuri performance by by Bidyapati her beautiful moves of dance and expressions, was a treat to for the audiance.

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