It was Modi who ate biryani in Pak: Priyanka

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Pakistan’ remarks attacking the grand old party and said that it was Modi and “ not us” who had gone to Pakistan to “eat” biryani.
Priyanka, who chose to avoid visiting the makeshift Ram temple during her visit to Ayodhya on Friday, said that matter was “sub-judice”. “It was Narendra Modi, who had gone to Pakistan to eat biryani not us,” the Congress leader retorted when queried by reporters in Ayodhya over Modi’s remarks at his Meerut rally on Thursday that Pakistan would be happy if the Opposition wins in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls. She also said that the BJP government had “only lied” during its five-year tenure.
Addressing a series of corner meetings during her roadshow in Ayodhya, Priyanka also accused Modi of “paying little attention” to the people in his Lok Sabha constituency of Varanasi. “This government has only lied during its tenure… Did you ((people) get Rs 15 lakh?,’’ she said at a meeting at Adilpur in Ayodhya. The Congress leader termed the Modi government as “anti-farmer” and “anti-people”.
She said that the BJP government had “destroyed” democracy in the country by ruining constitutional institutions. “I was surprised to know that Modi never visited the villages in his Lok Sabha constituency of Varanasi… Such is his publicity that I thought he must have been doing something for the rural people,” she said. She said that Modi travelled all over the world and embraced everyone he met.
But he (Modi) did not embrace people in his constituency,” she added.
The Congress leader referred to the ‘Nyay Scheme’ announced by her party guaranteeing a minimum income to the poor families in the country and said that the BJP was mocking at the scheme as it did not like the same. Earlier, Priyanka arrived in Ayodhya from her mother’s Lok Sabha constituency of Raebareli to a rousing reception.

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