Is the Eid holiday on Monday or Tuesday? Many Bengaluru schools confused

The Govt of Karnataka declared Monday (May 2) as the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday, in a notification issued on Saturday.

The notification is causing confusion among schools as the holiday was expected on Tuesday (May 3), as per govt’s previous announcement, in its list of general holidays on November 20, 2021.

ICSE and CBSC boards are having their scheduled exams on Monday. As the class 10 mathematics exam is scheduled to be held on May 2, many school administrators have said they haven’t received any directions regarding what should be done. 

As the holiday has been declared, it is expected that the exam will be postponed to another date, says the Principal of an ICSE board school to a leading news website.

According to the central government’s holiday calendar, Meethi Eid falls on May 3rd but the celebration will be dependent on the sighting of the new moon as the date of Eid varies from year to year due to the Hijri calendar (lunar calendar based on the phases of the moon).

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