International Day Against Drug Abuse and illicit Trafficking

Crisp Ngo working  for child rights jointly with spandana health care
Crisp Ngo working for child rights jointly with spandana health care

Every year,26 June is observed as an international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking with a theme and this year the theme is “listening first”.Internatinal day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking was fortified as an action oriented programme to help the global society free from drug abuse .Drug abuse is not relatively new to our society it exited decades ago throughout the globe using drug were of different purposes varying from treatment of illness ,research,diet modification to recreational activities and harming one’s life. It also reports nearly 12 million people who injuct drugs was also detected with hepatitis c.In india substance dependence and related disorder are of high concern .According to the report on international mental health survey of india 2015 -16 by NIMHANS ,Bengaluru with surveyed 12 states and around 23 %of population above 18 years reported to have substance used disorder were

13 .1 % identified with tobacco used disorder

4.6 % with alcohol used disorder

0.6 % with others substance used disorder

5 % with mental and behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance use (except tobacco)

The report mentions that status could be higher as the number were reported case .

There are multiple tragedies for individual getting involved in psychoactive drug dependence some of them include

.family history if drug dependence due to history of broken family

Poor stress coping mechanisms living in environments were illegal drugs are often used and ease of access.

Involving in peer group that that promotes or uses drug

Psychology concerns:depression and anxiety ;increase displeasure in everyday life risks of other mental illness increases in maladaptive behaviour. Increased desire overview of drugs when tolerance are higher .

Biological concerns risks of hiv an hepatitis heart rate abnormalities;respiratory problems such as lung cancer ,respiratory infections and other conditions negative impact on the aspects in term of academies ,career ……

The government has an enormous and significant role and responsibilities in curbing individuals

Constructing the laws on selling and promoting tobaco and alcohol in public places in corporating campaigns in schools and colleges including student family or significant see taker on drug abuse and harmful consequences.

Increasing and strengthens mental health professional community and mental health by adequate training and development programs to meet the demanded supply radio as there is a shortage for requires stuff within the country to adress the present dillema

Another important news highlit is that the minister of social justice and empowerment in collaboration with the national drug dependence treatment centre…..(NDDTC) of AIIMS , will provide a survey report on national and state levelwstimation of people involved in drug abuse by the end of 2018….

Reported by

Nalini,keerthana JR, keerthana M.

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