Indian Muslim Business Man Donated INR 50,000 Crore to Charity amid Coronavirus

This person Muhammad Azim Hashim Premji, known for his big heart, he often did this kind of charity regularly. But this time, when his country is suffering from the deadly Coronavirus known as COVID-19, the owner of Wipro with a net worth of US$ 7.2 billion, donated 50K Crore INR to Charity, mainly during the wealth crisis to fight against Coronavirus.

The Founder and Chairman of Wipro, also Managing Director Azim Hashim Premji has donated a contribution of INR 50,000 crores towards a kind of charity, this huge amount will be used by the state to fight against COVID-19 in the medical field, as well as some part of this huge amount will be used to provide basic food and medical necessities to the citizens of India.

Azim Hashim decided to donate his 34% of his shares to charity, he has also donated huge amounts on several occasions or crises.

Premji is one of the biggest philanthropists in India. This time he donated this amount when India is combating with the novel Coronavirus outbreak.

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