Hyderabad rape case: Burn the culprits, says veterinarian’s mother

  • A 27-yr-old veterinary doctor was allegedly raped, murdered and her body was set ablaze on Thursday night.
  • The family members believe that had Cyberabad police acted promptly instead of making them move between police stations, the offence could have been avoided.

HYDERABAD: A day after the

27-year gang raped and murdered

, the woman’s mother on Friday demanded that the accused be burnt alive in full public glare. The family members believe that had Cyberabad police acted promptly instead of making them move between RGIA and Shamshabad police stations, the offence could have been avoided.

My daughter is very innocent. I want the accused to be burnt alive. We were not aware that she made a call to my younger daughter informing her that a few strangers had taken her bike away saying the tyre had punctured,’’ the woman’s mother said.
While recalling the sequence of events which took place on Tuesday night, her mother said when the woman went missing from Tondapalli Toll Plaza after returning from Gachibowli, she called her sister at 9.22 pm saying she was tense as her bike was taken away by unknown persons for repair.

At 10 pm on Tuesday, the vet’s sister realized something was wrong and reached Tondapalli Toll Plaza in less than 30 minutes in search of her sister. When she couldn’t find her, she informed her parents about what had transpired. She also told them that her sister’s phone was switched off. The parents immediately asked her to lodge a police complaint.

“My younger daughter first approached RGIA Police Station. CCTV visuals were verified and police said the doctor was seen in the footage going to Gachibowli, but not returning. RGIA police later said we should go to Shamshabad police station citing jurisdictional issues. Police questioned us. The casual tome of their voice is unacceptable,” the doctor’s mother said.

Finally, a couple of constables were attached to the family members at 4 pm and searches were done till 4 am on Thursday but the woman was not traced.
“We lost two to three hours of time while moving from one police station to another. Had the police without wasting time asking us to go to Shamshabad police station acted immediately, my sister would have been alive,’’ the vet’s sibling told media..

However, Cyberabad police commissioner VC Sajjanar said after the doctor’s sister approached RGIA police, action was taken immediately and surrounding police stations were alerted.

“We will inquiry into the allegations of the family and action will be taken if any our of staff had been lax,’’ Sajjanar said. Meanwhile, Cyberabad police said they are going to request for a fast track court in Mahabubnagar to expedite the prosecution of the accused in the gruesome murder and strive for capital punishment

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