Hyderabad might get a name change if BJP gets power

Following on the footsteps of the BJPgovernment in Uttar Pradesh, a BJP MLA from Hyderabad has now promised that the party will change the city’s name to Bhagyanagar if voted to power.

Just days earlier, the BJP government in Gujarat had also said that they were willing to change Ahmedabad’s name to Karnavati if legislative hurdles could be overcome.

BJP leader claims Hyderabad was historically called Bhagyanagar

Speaking to news agency ANI, BJP MLA Raja Singh said that apart from renaming Hyderabad, the party would also change the names of Secunderabad and Karimnagar, if voted to power in the upcoming polls of December 7.

He claimed that Hyderabad had historically been called Bhagyanagar, but the Qutb Shahis, who ruled the area in the 16th century, changed the name to Hyderabad after 1590.

The two objectives of the BJP, as stated by Singh

“We are planning to rename Hyderabad. In Telangana, BJP will win in majority and then our first aim will be developing the state and the second objective will be renaming Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar. We will also change the names of Secunderabad and Karimnagar,” said Singh.

The BJP government is on a renaming spree

BJP governments in different states seem to be on a renaming spree.

It all started with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister renaming Allahabad to Prayagraj.

Since then, two railway stations have been renamed.

Recently, Adityanath also announced the renaming of Faizabad to district to Ayodhya.

Subsequently, the BJP government in Gujarat said that could rename Ahmedabad to Karnavati.

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