Huge bolder stone crush cars after massive landslide in Nagaland

The horrific view of boulderstone crushing the two cars and another car being tumbled watch the dreadfull footage

The huge boulderstone came crashing down a hill and completely killed 2 people and crushed 2 cars due to  landslide in nagaland this evening.

Not only this due to this accident 3 others too suffered serious injuries in the accident that occurred around 5:00 PM amid heavy rains on National Highway 29 in chumoukedima district between dimapur and kohimaaccording to the latest reports the identity of the victim is not known yet.

There were completely crushed and are completely crushing The 2 cars coming from kohima side one of the boulders stones goes on to the topple another car shows the horrific footage capture on a dashboard camera of a car waiting behind.

According to the reports one person had died on the spot another died during the treatment at a hospital news agency PTI reported citing officials another person is still stuck inside one of the cars and rescue work is on the report claimed citing cops.

The place where the accident occurred is known as pakkalapahad and is famous for landslides and rock falls according to the chief minister of neiphiu rio who condoled the loss of lives in a tweet.

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