COVID-19 outbreak is a sharp reminder that pandemics have happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. even though you can not prevent the outbreak from emerging we should at least prepare to suppress their effects on society.


The virus has led all of us into a severe economic crisis where survival in the field of business is ten times more difficult than before, especially the small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

One such story is of a resident of BANGALORE who believes, building your empire from scratch takes every bit of your heart, soul, blood, and sweat.

Mohammed Wajhi Shariff, a 28-year-old from Bangalore, Karnataka who works as a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER [freelancer], struggles to make his ends meet.


social distancing and public gatherings have become the new norm which led to the gym not being classed as essential services and open to the public, The trainers and gym owners had to face the worst hit.

When the government decided to decline the relaxation of norms so that they can operate at 50% capacity like hotels and restaurants.

That is when Shariff realized that he has to come up with an alternate plan.
He continued taking online sessions and convincing his clients to stay,but making sure they stay motivated had become a struggle. As much as he is passionate about the Fitness industry he had to step down.

While most of the people had lost their jobs and incomes, including him and the next big question was,” WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE A LIVING?”

“I never had enough time to commit to launching into a business,Although I had different ideas to venture in the field of business”said Shariff FOUNDER and CEO at AIROWASH SERVICES.

He says, some of the most successful businesses have been started during times of pandemic and he took it as an opportunity to question his ability and take a different path and invest his energy and money into starting a new business apart from his profession.

“It all started as solving a problem for myself”, he added.

Having said that he had ample amount of time to plan out the venture between the First and Second wave of covid-19 and was devoted to making it happen.
He went ahead and inaugurated AIROWASH SERVICES, a complete Two, Three, Four-wheeler water wash station in Nayandhalli, Azeez sait industrial area Bangalore, which is spread across 2500 sqft with ample parking.

When questioned, WHAT DOES AIROWASH SERVICE OFFER? he replied,

“We can not deny the fact that every Indian household owns a car or a bike where the transportation is such a huge part of our daily necessity. Our approach combines the latest car wash technology with the best Manpower to provide the best experience and being environmentally responsible as a citizen and abide by all the rules and regulations, we use the latest technology to save energy and maintain the rules to dispose of the waste, soap, and waxes, while maintaining the highest standards of quality for your vehicle as well as maintaining a clean and sanitized work station with all the necessary precautions during covid times and hereafter”.

In his search for car cleaning options, Shariff found high-pressure machines which use less than half a gallon of water to clean an SUV or any small car.


The service is available any time of the day, either you are looking for a preliminary service like a renowned hand wash or a Comprehensive auto detail. He lives by the motto ‘YOUR VEHICLE OUR SHINE.

When asked about how can people contact them?
He replied people can contact us at our email id or connect with us through Facebook or Instagram @airowashservices”.

Airowash has constantly evolved with the times and taken all necessary efforts to live up to the expectations and provide a satisfactory visit to the customers, he concluded.


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