Hindu Mahasabha members arrested for killing cows to frame Muslim men in Agra, says Police

New Delhi: Four members of the All India Hindu Mahasabha have been arrested for killing cows in Agra with the intention of framing Muslim men they held a grudge against. The state of Uttar Pradesh has a strict law against cow slaughter, which carries a severe penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a fine of Rs 5 lakh.

According to a report by Amar Ujala, the purported cow slaughter occurred on March 29, the eve of Ram Navami, in Gautam Nagar, situated in the Itimad ud Daulah police station vicinity of Agra.

On that day, individuals affiliated with the All India Hindu Mahasabha arrived at the site, alleging that they had found beef inside the caves. Subsequently, Jitendra Kushwaha filed a complaint with the police.

The First Information Report (FIR) identified Mohammad Rizwan, Mohammad Nakim, and Mohammad Shanu, who reside in the area, as the suspects.

Following this, Hindutva supporters congregated outside the police station to urge the authorities to detain the accused. The Telegraph reported that two individuals, Imran Qureshi and Shanu and a fourth suspect were arrested the following day.

Upon interrogation, the police discovered that the detained individuals had no involvement in the cow slaughter incident. Instead, law enforcement officials claimed that Sanjay Jat, the national spokesperson of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, was purportedly the primary orchestrator of the conspiracy.

As per police sources, Shanu, Imran, and a few others had a long-standing dispute with Nakeem, Bijjo, and Rizwan, who are siblings. Nakeem, who works for the Municipal Corporation, was accused of hatching a plan earlier to have some of his opponents incarcerated.

Reportedly, due to their animosity towards Nakeem, Shanu and Imran supposedly conspired to implicate him in a cow slaughter case. They purportedly joined forces with the complainant Khushwaha, as well as several others, and with the alleged involvement of Mahasabha spokesperson Jat, falsely accused Nakeem and his associates.

According to a police officer quoted by Telegraph, during the investigation, Jitendra was discovered to have provided false information. The officer also revealed that Jitendra, Sanjay, and a few others were present in the vicinity of the cow slaughter site, as per the call records, instead of the individuals they had named in the police complaint. Additionally, the call records purportedly revealed that the accused had not visited the location in question for over a month.

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