Here’s why the Bar Council of Delhi has issued a notice to Prashant Bhushan

The Bar Council of Delhi (BCD) has directed Advocate Prashant Bhushanto appear before it for doing interviews with the media on cases in which he appears as an advocate.

BCD claims that Bhushan’s conduct is in violation of Rule 36, Chapter II of Part VI of Bar Council of India Rules.

You are hereby directed to file your reply (30 copies) within two weeks on receipt of this notice, and you are further directed to be present in person or through authorized representative, on the next date of hearing i.e. 12.04.20919 at 4.30 PM in the office of Bar Council of Delhi.., failing which ex-parte orders will be passed.”, the BCD letter addressed to Bhushan reads.

The letter, dated February 23, 2019, was written to Bhushan by the BCD pursuant to its meeting held on February 15. The meeting was convened after the BCD received a complaint that Bhushan was in violation of the Bar Council of India Rules.

The complainant had alleged that Bhushan was in violation of Rule 8,Chapter II of Part VI of the Bar Council of India Rules, as he appeared as an advocate on behalf of organizations, societies and institutions of which he is an executive member. Countering this allegation, Bhushan claimed that since he appeared pro bono for them, the Rule would have no application.

BCD nonetheless issued an advisory to him to refrain from appearing as an advocate for such entities. While considering his contentions on the issue of violation of Rule 8, BCD also decided to issue a suo motu notice to Bhushan for giving interviews to the media on cases in which he appears as an advocate.

Bhushan is currently facing contempt proceedings in the Supreme Court for his tweets on the case challenging the appointment of M Nageswara Rao as Interim Director of CBI.

Read the letter:

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