Hawaii wildfires: Death toll rises to 89, search for the missing continues

Hawaii wildfires : are the deadliest wildfire in the US since the 2018 Camp Fire in California that killed at least 85 people and destroyed the town of Paradise. The fire went from zero to 100 and essentially managed to “eat an entire town in four hours”.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green has said that the number of confirmed deaths from Maui wildfires has gone up to 89, making it the deadliest wildfire in more than 100 years in the US. The Governor added that the death toll is further expected to go up and some victims were positively identified on Saturday. He noted that around 2,200 structures have been destroyed or damaged in West Maui with 86 percent of them being residential buildings.

Governor Green said that officials will review policies and procedures for improving safety. He said, “People have asked why we are reviewing what’s going on and it’s because the world has changed. A storm now can be a hurricane-fire or a fire-hurricane…That’s what we experienced, that’s why we’re looking into these policies, to find out how we can best protect our people.”US National Weather Service has said that Hurricane Dora was partly to be blamed for the strong winds that drove the flames initially leading to power being knocked out and firefighting helicopters getting grounded, reported AP. Hawaii Tourism Authority has said that around 46,000 residents and visitors have flown out of West Maui’s Kahului Airport since the start of devastation in the historic resort city of Lahaina.

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