Harrasment Complaint Against Builders Firm

A week after the residents of East parade jain heights in Vijnana Nagar complained to HAL Police that the staff of the realtor firm is harassing them, the company’s staff has lodged a counter complaint against the dwellers.

The spat between East Parade jain heights realtor company and its residents is getting murkier with the former filing a counter complaint against the latter. The company seems to be going hammer and tongs against the residents with several complaints being lodged against them.

In a complaint dated 17 July 2020, Gururaj K, General Manager of the company has named Arun MK, Kundavi, Saurabh Maheshwari, Nidhi Porwal, and Vivek Singh Dheeraj Aswani. Vijetha Ashari, Preetha Nair, Rajeshwari, Hitesh Patnaik, and Srinivas of trespassing, cheating, abusing and assaulting.

According to the complainant, the above mentioned persons on 9 July barged into their office in the same premises and assaulted them.

They are all booked for Criminal breach of trust, (sec 406 of IPC) cheating, ( Sec 420) voluntarily hurting someone ( Sec 323), attacking with weapons ( Sec 324), hatching criminal conspiracy ( Sec 120b), insulting and hurling abuses ( Sec 504) and Criminal intimidation (Sec 506)

 Interestingly the complaint has been lodged ten days after the residents complained about abusing, harassment and theft of cable wires by the realtor staff.

The faceoff seems to be going on for sometimes as there are two  more complaints against the residents. One by Manjunath, AGM, Jain Heights and Manager Abdul Rehman. In a written complaint dated 8 July 2020 allege that Arun MK, Kundavi, Saurabh Maheshwari, , Vijetha Ashari, Preetha Nair, Prarthava Goswam, and association members of the building for assaulting them.

A few videos of Residents manhandling the staff and indulging in verbal altercation in front of Police is doing rounds.

Another complaint dated 8 July by Jain heights mentions the above names  with a same allegations.

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