Govt approves transfer of land for Second Diplomatic Enclave

NEW DELHI: The government on Wednesday approved transfer of land for the purpose of establishing a Second Diplomatic Enclave in Dwarka in New Delhi that will house embassies and chanceries.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi here.

The Cabinet approved “transfer of 34.87 hectares land in Sector 24, Dwarka, New Delhi, from the Delhi Development Authority to the Land and Development Office for the purpose of proposed Second Diplomatic Enclave”, an official statement said.

Currently, there is one Diplomatic Enclave in Chanakyapuri, where land has been allotted to the embassies by the Land and Development Office (L&DO).

However, the Ministry of External Affairs had expressed need for more land for allotment to diplomatic missions and international organisations to build their chanceries and embassies in Delhi.

“For this, DDA has earmarked 34.87 ha land in Sector 24, Dwarka, which will be transferred to L&DO. This will provide land for Second Diplomatic Enclave in the capital,” the statement said.

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