Government to bring back stranded people from Foreign nations.

Report By Aroona Banerjie | Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 05 2020

The government has made a move to bring back those stranded Indians in foreign nations, on compelling grounds, in a phased manner. The non commercial airlines would be deployed to bring back the Indian nationals who were long stuck in foreign lands, and also naval ships would be arranged for the same by the Standard Operating Protocol (SOP).

The Indian Embassy and various other nationals have created a list naming all those who have been reported to be stranded abroad. The commercial flights would be made available on a payment basis. Starting to be emerged in a proper and scheduled phased manner, the passengers would be required to be tested first, as per the guidelines from the Ministry of health and the ministry of civil aviation. The procedure of following the protocols would be highly required, as only the asymptomatic patients would be taken on board, in order to contain and prevent the spreading of the outbreak further. 

Once the passengers reach the Indian port, they would be needed to register on the Aarogya Setu App, and everyone would be screened again. After strict checking, the passengers would be quarantined for a fortnight, either in a hospital or in their houses, in complete isolation. 

The operations would be starting from 7th May’2020. 

After 14 days, the COVID tests would be done again, and the further protocols would be taken into consideration again. Currently, the state governments are taken into consideration and the arrangements are being made by them for respective movements and tracking the newly arrived passengers. 

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