Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 15 2020

The Karnataka cabinet on Thursday decided to bring an update to the Bengaluru development Authority Act, adding a clause that allows regularisation of house on disputed sites. The introduction of clause 38D to the Act will allow regularisation of eligible houses on plots to obtained by the BDA. It will not apply to empty sites under discourse.

There are 75,000 illegally constructed houses on about 6,000 acres of land obtained by the BDA, said JC Madhuswamy, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister.

Owners of houses on sites of 20×30 sqft size will be charged 10% of the current guidance value, while charges will be 20% for sites of 30×40 sqft size, and 40% for sites of 40×60 sqft sizes, “BDA has been given 2 years to take action against such encroachment,” the minister said.

The cabinet also revised The Karnataka Town and country Planning Act. It was mandatory for developers to complete all infrastructure and amenities in the entire layout before releasing sites.

But developers can now break up the entire layout into 3 blocks of 40%, and 30% area, and complete construction of all amenities in the first block before handing over sites, and then complete the rest in the same manner.  

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