Government called for all party meeting on 17 September

The Indian Government has called for an all party meeting on 17 September a day ahead of the commencement of the five day parliament special session, Parliamentary Affairs Minister said on Wednesday.

The invitation for the meeting has been sent to all concerned leaders through e-mail, Joshi posted on social media platform X.

On 31 August, Joshi had announced a “special session” of Parliament for five days from September 18, but did not spell out any specific agenda for it.

Amid Amrit kaal , looking forward to having fruitful discussions and debate in Parliament,” Joshi had posted on X.With no specific agenda announced so far for the session, speculations have been doing the rounds if it could be about women’s reservation bill, uniform civil code, simultaneous polls or other subjects.

It is also expected that the Parliament-proceedingswill move from the old building to the new one during this session. Further there has been speculations about the agendas of the special parliament session meet, ranging from a proposal to change India’s name to Bharat, and the ‘One Nation One Election’ proposal.

Opposition leaders on Wednesday hit out at the government over the special session of Parliament, saying “only two people” know about its agenda with only a few days left for its commencement.

Jairam Ramesh, the Congress general secretary said in a post on X, “Today is September 13. The five-day special session of Parliament will commence five days from now and nobody barring One Man (ok, perhaps the Other One too) has any sense of the agenda.”The Congress has repeatedly been targeting the government for not disclosing the agenda of the five-day special session starting from September 18.

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