General Elections 2019  Sidhu ‘s attack on central schemes  And calls ( failure ) 

Report By Annu Kumari | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 06 2019

Congress leader Navjot singh Siddhu says on the Prime minister Narendra Modi and the central government ‘failed policies’

In recent long hour press conference mr Siddhu the Congress leader claimed by his saying that most of the central governments schemes had failed to acheive the success.

Also he added.. that the schemes like MUDRA has also not been much helpful for the youth as the average loan sanctioned in the scheme was only 46,000

Also …. he said that an RTI information revealed that barely 1% of the applications were able to receive loan above Rs 5 lakh .

The yojna called MUDRA which Modi claims has actually helped youth to start there’re own Business has been a big failure as 1% of applications could receive loans above Rs 5 lakh

Average amount has also been low added Siddhu.

Modi promoted the skills India which almost had 40% ghost entries .

Also central government couldn’t average to fulfill the target of 40 crore trainers by 2020 and only been able to train 41 lakh people It of which 6 lakh got there jobs .

Referring to Supreme Court ‘s observance Mr Siddhu said that the central government had been clearing the river Ganga at a very slow peace and earned only 6000 crore of the planned 20,000 crore at the press conference Sam pitoda also criticsied the PM for this remarks on late PM Rajiv Gandhi.

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