The Cyber Crime Police of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has launched a manhunt to catch a gang of fraudsters that is said to be luring job aspirants with fake promises and cheating them of their money.

The gang has reportedly victimised several individuals, offering them jobs at prestigious firms in the city.

According to the police, Indrajit Heeralal was one of their victims. In his complaint, he told the police that a person, who introduced himself as Anil Kumar Roy, has conned him of Rs 7.19 lakh.

Heeralal was offered the post of Travel Manager at Airtel.

Roy got several women to call him, asking him to pay a commission at various points during their conversations. Roy paid them the money in instalments, transferring it to a bank account provided by them. 

The police say the gang has lured many others using the same modus operandi. Heeralal said a person named Preethi had called him, claiming to be from a Hyderabad-based company called Secure Naukri. It was Preethi who told him about the position in the firm. She even asked him to pay Rs 3,000 for the recruitment ID. After a few days, he again received a call from another woman named Radhika, and then two others, Kirthi and Bharathi; all from different numbers.
They convinced him to deposit money into an account opened in the name of Roy.

They took money for many things such as document verification, job confirmation, activation of ID, consultancy fee, authority signature and also GST.

Eventually he realised he was being conned, and reported the matter to the police.

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