G20 closed by pm Modi , hands over` one earth one family’ baton to brazil

Marking the ceremonial transfer of the G20 presidency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today handed over the gavel to Brazilian President LuizInacio Lula da Silva, who praised India for giving voice to topics of interests of emerging economies.Yesterday, we had wide-ranging discussions in the ‘One Earth, One Family’ sessions. I am satisfied that today the G20 has become a platform for optimistic efforts regarding the vision of One Earth, One Family, One Future,” PM Modi said in his closing remarks today.

Lula da Silva congratulated PM Modi, and listed social inclusion, the fight against hunger, energy transition and sustainable development as G20 priorities. He said the UN Security Council needs new developing countries as permanent, non-permanent members to regain political strength. “We want greater representation for emerging countries at the World Bank and the IMF,The big takeaway of the Summit were a call to end the “global trust deficit”, the launch of the Global Biofuel Alliance, and the launch of new connectivity networks between the US, India, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf states. The G20 members unanimously adopted the Delhi Declaration, which called on nations to uphold territorial integrity and international humanitarian law to safeguard peace and stability.We call on all states to uphold the principles of international law including territorial integrity and sovereignty, international humanitarian law, and the multilateral system that safeguards peace and stability,” the declaration said.

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