Five of a family killed as ambulance collides with their car in Bengaluru

The driver and the nurse who were in the ambulance survived the accident and are currently undergoing treatment.

Five people, all belonging to one family, were killed in a deadly road accident in Bengaluru on Monday after the hatchback they were travelling in was involved in a head-on collision with a government-run ambulance of the National Ambulance Service.

The driver and the nurse who were in the ambulance have survived the accident and are currently undergoing treatment.

The accident occurred between 12:30 am and 1 am on Monday at Kogilu cross in the Yehalanka in the northern fringes of the city.

According to police, the family of five was heading towards the city from the airport side while the ambulance was heading towards the airport.

“Prima facie, it appears to be the fault of the ambulance driver as he jumped over the centre median and hit the car coming from the opposite side. Only the driver and a nurse were travelling in the ambulance.

They have sustained injuries but they are not very serious. However, all the passengers who were travelling in the private car have died,” Yehalanka Traffic Police Station Inspector told.

The private car was mangled due to the impact of the accident and firemen had to be called in to retrieve the bodies from the car.

The bodies have been taken to the Yehalanka Government Hospital.

The deceased have been identified as Dipankar Dey (46); his wife, Swagata Chaudhury (42); their son, Dhruva Dey (14); Swagata’s sister, Sujaya (45) and their mother Jayanthi (65). “All the victims are from West Bengal, we have contacted their family members,” the police added.

The police said that they will investigate the cause of the accident and arrest the driver of the ambulance if he is found guilty.

“Right now both of them (the driver and the nurse) are in the hospital.

We will investigate the incident and arrest him if required,” the inspector added.

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