FIR against Arnab Goswami for alleged hate speech

The Mumbai police have registered a case against television anchor Arnab Goswami for fomenting communal hatred on the complaint of a social organisation.

According to the police, a First Information Report was registered against Goswami at the Pydhonie police station in Central Mumbai on a complaint filed by Irfan Abubakar Shaikh, Secretary, Raza Educational Welfare Society.

In his complaint Shaikh alleged that Goswami had tried to foment hatred against the Muslim community by targeting a mosque outside the Bandra railway station in suburban Mumbai when hundreds of migrants came out demanding trains for their home towns.

According to the duty officer at the Pydhonie police station, the

complainant produced footage of the content on the television channel in a pen drive as evidence that Goswami was linking the mosque with the protests to target the minority community.

“A case has been registered against Arnab Goswami and the police are investigating the matter,” the duty officer said.

In his statement, Shaikh said the mosque outside Bandra railway station had nothing to do with the protests though hundreds of migrants had gathered on the road outside to hold protests. However, Goswami highlighted the mosque and blamed Muslims for the protests to create communal disharmony in Mumbai, the complaint said.

The footage submitted the police also had segments of the debate on the news channel targeting the Muslim community according to the society.

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