Film producer Kapali Mohan commits suicide in Bengaluru

A noted financier and film producer, Kapali Mohan committed suicide at his own hotel near Peenya, Bengaluru on the wee hours of Monday. 

Senior police officer said that V K Mohan known as Kapali Mohan (59) was a resident of Sadashivanagar and was very close to the family of late actor Dr Rajkumar. He was suffering from huge financial crisis as he revealed through videos he made before taking the extreme step.  

It was suspected that Mohan had committed sucide around 2.30 am on Monday and the incident came to light around 9 am. Inquiry revealed that he was staying at his hotel from past two days at room number 108 on the second floor. His hotel staff Manjunath apparently was the last person to speak to him on Sunday night. It is suspected that after Manjunath left, Mohan killed himself. The incident came to light when hotel staff went near his room around 9 am and knocked the door but there was no response. The hotel staff later alerted the police who came and broke open the door and found his body, the officer added.

His body has been shifted to MS Ramaiah hospital and further investigation is on

In the video, Mohan said that he had obtained a tender of Peenya bus station. Despite being the highest bidder, buses were not made available on the bus station, for which, he had suffered a lot of financial losses from the past seven years. The deceased further said that he could not pay his bank loans from the past couple of weeks. He had sought justice from chief minister BS Yeddyurappa, deputy chief minister Laxman Savadi as he had lost all his properties, he said.

It can be recalled that two years ago, the CCB police conducted raids on his gambling den and office of Balaji Finance and seized Rs 9.33 lakh cash. The police also received a couple of complaints against him for allegedly charging an exorbitant rate of interest and booked him uner the Karnataka money Lenders Act 1961 and Karnataka Prohibition of Charging Exorbitant Interest Act 2004.

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