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BANGALORE:MLA N.A Haris at his office in Shantinagar on 3rd May 2019 gave an exclusive interview to The Ancient Times News. He shared his views on the most trending topics concerning nation and politics and also on the chances of Congress winning The Lok Sabha elections 2019.

An MLA is a representative elected by the voters of an electoral district to the legislature of a state in the Indian system of government.

Few years ago, I came across a booklet which was released by one of the candidates who had contested the Karnataka Assembly elections about his achievements over the past 5 years as a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA).

Over the many colourful pages, he had described the roads that he had got laid, the clogged drains that had been cleaned, the street lights that he had got erected, the many other small tasks that he had done for the city, the different schemes for which he had selected beneficiaries, etc.

I spoke to a few people from his constituency only to find that most of them could easily relate to the everyday issues that affected their lives and all of them were cognizant of what he did as an MLA.

The booklet featured none other than Mr N.A Haris who is currently the consecutive third time MLA of Shanti Nagar constituency.

Here’s a transcribe of the exclusive interview.

Q : Why did you join politics?

A: I am fascinated by the way government works with lawmakers to accomplish change also I love the nation and am eveready to serve the society when needed. For me, service to humanity is the best service rendered.

Q : What is the plan of your party if you are elected ?

A: We will follow the manifesto we have released focusing on employment , GST , Farmers and other things too. We will also make sure we serve the poor who are not attended by the current Government.

Q: What’s More Important For Our City Right Now: Building New Homes And Commercial Space Or Rehabbing/Expanding/Better Utilizing Our Existing Homes And Storefronts?

A: Speaking about Bangalore which is one of the fastest growing countries of the world it quite a herculean task to stop its growth but we can ensure that the ancient bangalore with its heritage is retained while it grows. Retention while growth is the key to sustainable growth.

Q: How Do You Plan To Involve Residents In The Decision Making Process In Our Town?

A: I’m an MLA who’s basic duty is to represent people and through me I shall fulfill the necessity. I do not about know other constituencies but this is how my constituency already works.

Q: If Elected, What Steps Would You Take To Put Our City On A Firmer Financial Footing?

A: I think im not the right person to ask this but if I were given the power then I would increase the employment rates , introduce new projects to make this city a satellite smart city which again would increase employment.

Q: Where do you see Congress after the Lok Sabha 2019 results?

A: I see the new government in power will be Congress.

Q: Where do you see Congress in Karnataka after the Lok Sabha 2019 results?

A: I see the government improving from where it is right now along with being in power.

Q: There are speculations about the coalition government’s dissolution. Is this true?

A: Not everything you read in news is true and speaking of speculations nothing really speculated by the press really happens.

Q: Usually the political leaders look in for personal benefit and make public the scapegoat. What’s your take on this?

A: Since this isn’t anything even close to my personal ethic I will not make any comments.

Q: Why are there conflicts amidst your party members? Agreed that there are discrepancies in other parties but any specific reason why newspapers have larger covering for Congress?

A:The fact Congress is the oldest party in function so that makes the rumours and news more believable and the fact a newspaper runs on the believability the Congress acts a good feed.

But it isn’t so as it is showcased because all of us are at harmony when it comes to serving the people which is the common and basic underlying motto.

Q: what are your plans for the development of sports and education in this city?

A: The best example for my plan would be my own constituency which has been focused and made to inculcate inclusive overall growth.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say to the public reading this?

A: Be careful when you read any news about anybody or anything, first do some fact research and then believe. Don’t be silly enough to accept anything given in the form of news.

At last when asked about BJP chances in 2019 Elections, he said,

“This time is not to showcase achievements or make promises because through 5 years of the government now “the public sab jaanti hai”.

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    great job @ancienttimes

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