Exams May Come And Go, But You Live Only Once’, Nagpur Police Give A Message To Students And Parents After Video Goes Viral

As the exam season is going on both students and parents are seen under stress and hurry. However, no marks are precious then life and no exam is important than that of life. Nagpur Police took this message to the masses.

#DriveSafe #Exams

After a video of a mother riding her son to the exam center went viral the Nagpur Police through its social media spread the message. In a video, a woman is seen riding a two-wheeler without a helmet while her son is studying sitting behind her. The child has also not worn a helmet and is seen busy turning the pages of the book with the aim of quick revision before the exam.

Further, the woman has her daughter standing in the front part of the vehicle as she does tripling on the road. Nagpur police tweeted this video and gave an important message. The video was tweeted with a message ‘ Exams may come and go, But You Live Only Once’.

Stress and tension among students is a common thing during the exam time. However, managing things well and taking it as a part of life is what they should be taught. Parents in this regard have a major role to play.

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