Engineer arrested for marrying 15 women in Bengaluru

Karnataka: A man who had married 15 women was arrested by Mysuru Police yesterday after one of his wives, whom he married earlier this year, filed a complaint against him.

The con-man, Mahesh Nayak, from Bengaluru, deceived over 15 women by promising marriage but was exposed due to his poor English speaking skills. He married 15 women and fathered four children with them.

Nayak, a resident of Banashankari in Bengaluru, married at least 15 women since 2014 and absconded with their money and jewellery,

How The Accused Was Arrested

The 35-year-old was apprehended after a software engineer from Mysuru, who had previously married Nayak, filed a complaint against him. Another woman who had been deceived by Nayak also approached the police and filed a complaint.

A team was formed by the police to apprehend Mahesh Nayak, and he was arrested in Tumakuru.

Bengaluru man marries 15 women

According to TOI, Mahesh created a fake matrimonial profile on an online site to deceive women. On the matrimonial site, he posed as an engineer or doctor to attract more victims.

Mahesh even set up a fake clinic in Tumakuru and hired a nurse to support his claim of being a doctor.

While many women fell into his trap, some became suspicious due to his poor English speaking skills.

According to the police, Mahesh married 15 women and has four children with them. He had limited interactions with his wives, and many of them were highly educated professionals.

Police revealed that the fraudulent individual married 15 women, who were well-educated professionals.

TOI also reported that although most victims became aware of the deception, they hesitated to file complaints out of fear of embarrassment.

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