don’t harass public: Home minister Araga Jnanendra to Bengaluru traffic police

Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra, on Friday, directed the city traffic police to strictly adhere to ‘towing’ rules while lifting vehicles parked in the ‘no parking’ areas in the city. He has instructed the police to ensure that there is ‘no room’ for any complaints of harassment to the public.

The minister held a meeting with the City Police Commissioner, Kamal Pant, and the Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic) Dr B.R. Ravikanthe Gowda, and discussed the issue with them.

The traffic police should alert the vehicle owners by blowing sirens and collect only the amount prescribed for parking the vehicle in the no-parking area, if the owner was present on the spot before lifting-off the vehicle”, the home minister instructed them.

While stressing that the towing staff should not engage in any arguments with the public during their duties and treat them in a courteous manner, the home minister has also directed that ‘all care should be taken not to cause any damage to the vehicles during towing

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