Donald Trump takes firm decisions on the US-CHINA deal. 

Report By Aroona Banerjie | Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 15 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has infected tons of people globally and continues to exert maximum influence upon the people all over the globe and the nation as well. With over killing 80,000+ citizens of the USA, President Trump, has become more than upset with the way China has handled the Coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this year, USA-CHINA had signed a deal regarding the Trade deal. 

A local Chinese newspaper was found to have reported that China is considering negotiations with the USA on its current trade deals. 

To this statement, President Trump has replied that he isn’t currently in the mood to renegotiate the trade deal with China, as he is seemingly upset the way they contained information from the world, regarding the outbreak of the pandemic. Allegedly, Trump also is urging the international medical community to investigate the Wuhan laboratory, from where it is said that the virus might have leaked. The him secretary Mike Pompeo also has been putting pressure on this theory, and the country is hell bent to discover the original and actual traces of the virus, that has out the economies of the world to a standing halt. 

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