DK Shivakumar Karnataka richest MLA

Karnataka : Karnataka Pradesh Congress committee KPCC president and the states deputy chief minister DK shivakumar is the richest MLA in the country with assets worth rupees

1,413 crore according to the The latest reports from association of democratic reforms (ADR) and national election watch(NEW).

Not only that the Karnataka MLAs dominate the list of richest MLAs in the country with 12:00 in the top 20. ADR Report says that 14% of Karnataka MLAs are billionaires( worth rs 100 crore ) , not only that they are they highest in the country, and the average assets of the legislator’s is RS 64.3 crore over all.

The list of the richest MLA the top three slots are taken by Karnataka MLAs . The second richest is an independent legislator and businessman KH puttaswamy Gowda from Gauribidanur which is 80 km from Bengaluru.

Mr Gowda is valued at RS 1,267 crore and has liabilities of a mere RS 5 crore 

The third richest is the youngest congress MLA in the Karnataka assembly priya Krishna the 39 year old has declared assets of rupees 1,156 crore. The advocacy group has analysis 4,001 sitting MLAs from 28 assemblies and 2UTsoverall the poorest MLAIndia is Nirmal Kumar dhara from Indus constituency in the West Bengal with an asset of ₹1700 and no liabilities.

According to the other latest reports the bjp elected Karnatak legislative assembly Bhagirath murulya , he who was declared assets of RS 28 lakh and RS 2 lakh of liabilities is his 2023 affidavit, filed before the election commission.

Mr Dk Shivakumar has declared that he has total of RS 273 crore in immovable assets and RS 1,140 crore in movable asset’s.

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