Disqualified Karnataka MLA MTB Nagaraj drives home Rolls Royce Phantom

Bengaluru: MTB Nagaraj. Does the name ring a bell? Yes, he was one of the seventeen rebel MLAs who were disqualified by the Karnataka Assembly Speaker Ramesh Kumar for anti-party activities.

He is now in the news again. But this time, for an entirely different reason.

The disqualified Hoskote MLA has bought one of the costliest cars available in the market. It’s the phantom launched by Rolls Royce, priced at a whopping Rs 31 crore.

Once the swanky car was delivered to him, the leader took a ride in it to the Avimukteshwara temple in his hometown of Hoskote and later left to meet CM BS Yediyurappa in the same car.

The intention of meeting the chief minister was not for a minister-making plea but to hand over a cheque of Rs 1 crore for flood-relief activities to be taken up in North Karnataka.

The website had also quoted him saying, “I had a long-pending desire to purchase this car. Thankfully, it has been realised now.”

Congress leader Nivedith Alva took to twitter to mock him.

Way back in 2013, MTB Nagaraj had declared his worth to be Rs 470 crore and in 2018, he had declared his assets to be worth Rs 709 crore and a sum of Rs 306 crore in the name of his wife.

It might be recalled that Congress leaders like DK Shivakumar and others had gone to MTB’s house in the wake of losing majority and tried convincing him to stay back in the government. Though he nodded his head in favour of the plea and even met the then chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and his mentor Siddaramaiah, the next day, he did a volte-face as he flew to Mumbai to be with the other disgruntled MLAs.

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