The Babri masque was demolished on 6 December 1992, in presence of prominent political figures, by the so called Hindu fanatics. The demolition of Babri masque was well orchestrated and planned event just to humiliate indian muslims, and their glorious Islamic history of India.

Since 1947, after formation of India, there are hundreds of mosques were raised on ground and hundreds of organized massacre committed against muslims on different places, but the demolition of Babri masque is unique and shows the hostility of law of land by the hands of Hindu fanatics.

Historically Babri masque was built in 1528 and till 1949 muslims performed salat there, but after 1949, god ram idol was forcibly installed there and prohibited muslims to perform salat, but on other hand allowed hindus to perform their rituals in Babri masque, by ignoring court orders because hindu claimed that the site was birth place of god ram previously and according to them Babri masque needs to demolish for construction of ram temple.

To assess the hindus claim on disputed site, archaeological survey of India had done some excavation on disputed site and concluded that, presence of few pillars or stones of hindu sculpture below or surrounding the Babri masque site doesn’t mean that there was ram temple in past. According to hindu mythology birth place of god ram is still unclear, and there are multiple analogies on it.

There are few intermingling assessment can be predicted behind Babri masque demolition, hindus gorge of sacred place, increasing Islamic influence in Indian society, and problem of caste system in hinduism, to address all these problems hindu fanatics hijacked the society and forcibly push them towards ram temple issue by glorifying god ram. That’s why before demolition of Babri masque certain hindu leaders ignited hindus emotion on basis of distorted historical facts and polarize the hindu society.

After Babri masque demolition Indian government installed Liberhan commission to pinpoint the culprits and the commission exposed the culprits, but no solid actions were taken against them.

Negligence of central government equally responsible in it and muslims are mere watcher and consider a culprits rather then victims and if muslims reacts they have been branded as anti-nationalists element.

This is quite irrational to penalize the present indian muslims on basis of past muslim rulers anomalies.

Report by:

Tahir Khan

The Ancient Times

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