Delhi police receives complaint of AIIMS’ fraud

NEW DELHI: Delhi police has received a complaint in connection with the banking fraud of over Rs 12 crore at AIIMS, officials said on Saturday.

The money has been siphoned off from the bank accounts the All India Institute of Medical Sciences has with the State Bank of India from its non-home branches in other cities.

The AIIMS administration has approached the Economic Offences Wing of Delhi Police seeking an investigation into the scam.

Police said they have received a complaint and they are looking into the matter, a senior police officer said.

Over Rs 7 crore was fraudulently withdrawn from the institute’s main account with the SBI which is operated by the AIIMS Director. An amount of Rs 5 crore was taken out from another account held by the Dean, Research of AIIMS.

Even after the fraud came to light, attempts were made to illegally withdraw over Rs 29 crore allegedly using cloned cheques from SBI’s non-home branches in Dehradun and Mumbai in the past one week.

The fraudsters attempted to withdraw over Rs 20 crore from a non-home branch of SBI in Dehradun while Rs 9 crore was attempted to be stolen from a branch of the bank in Mumbai.

However, the attempts were foiled.

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