Delhi flood

The water level at yamuna touches205.94 meters, still above danger mark

The yamuna water likely to fall below the dangerous mark on Monday morning

The Delhi residents are likely to get some relief from the floods and waterlogging as the water level of yamuna river has started receiving at 11:00 PM the level of water in yamunawas recorded at 205.50 metre the old railway bridge the yamuna river in Delhi cross the danger mark of 205 0.33 meters at 5:00 PM on July 10th

The early water discharge from the hathni kund barrage which had gone up to the extent of approximately3,60,000 cusecs on 11th july was recorded at 53955 cusecs At 8 pm

Around 26401 people have been evacuated from the flood affected low lying areas of 6 districts of Delhi out of which around 21504 people are staying in 44 camps including temporary relief camps as well as pakka buildings like school community centers the rest of the evacuated people have shifted the places of their choice like the relatives houses and rented accommodations

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