Delhi court discharges Maulana Anzar Shah in terror case

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New Delhi, Oct 17: In a major setback to the Delhi Police’s Special Cell, a Delhi court on Tuesday discharged Bangalore-based cleric Maulana Anzar Shah Qasmi in a terror case. Maulana Qasmi was behind bars since January 2016 when was picked from the Karnataka capital.

Police had claimed that Qasmi was involved in anti-national activities and was provoking youth to join such activities and he had links with terror outfits like Al-Qaida. Police also claimed that Qasmi had been arrested based on information collected during the interrogation of terror suspects associated with Indian Subcontinent network of Al-Qaida. He was also accused of giving fiery and hate speeches and mobilizing youths.

According to Qasmi’s lawyer Adv. MS Khan, Additional Session Judge Sidharth Sharma of Delhi’s Patiala House Court discharged Maulana Qasmi from all the allegations in the case.

The Special Cell had filed a charge sheet in June 2016 against Maulana Qasmi and four other accused named Abdul Sami, Zafar Masood, Abdul Rehman and Mohammed Asif.

According to the lawyer, while Maulana Qasmi has been discharged on all counts, four other accused will have to face trial.

Soon after the arrest (6th Jan 2016), his eldest son, Fouzan Shah, 28, had said that his father was innocent and would be freed by the court.

“It’s like a mountain coming down on our family and we are all shocked. I am very sure my father is innocent and he has been framed. Al Qaeda is a big name and my father did not have any links with any terror module and I am sure he will come back,” Fouzan was quoted as saying by The Deccan Chronicle.

An alumnus of Darul Uloom Deoband, Maulana Anzar Qasmi was native of Shivajinagar in Bangalore and served at various mosques as Imam. At the time of arrest, he was serving at Makkah Masjid in Banashankari of Bangalore as Imam and Khatib. His speeches were very popular in some Muslims pockets in Karnataka and other states and CDs of his speeches were sold in the market.

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