Dacoit gang leader Puneeth Kerehalli along with his associates allegedly attacked and killed idris Pasha who failed to fulfil his demand to pay 2 lakhs rupees.

Bengaluru: on Saturday 1st April 2023 Idris Pasha was beaten to death allegedly by road dacoit thieves in Karnataka. The accused, Puneet Kerehalli, allegedly stopped cattle trader Idris Pasha in broad daylight while he was transporting cattle with all the necessary documents. Idris reportedly furnished papers from the cattle market but Puneet demanded Rs 2 lakh, and beat him up along with his associates when he refused to fulfil his demand.

Idris Pasha’s body was found along a road at the Sathnur Village in Ramanagara district of Karnataka.

Puneet Kerehalli, leader of road dacoit gang in the name of organisation he is extorting money from innocent people’s, threaten advocates and many other innocent people in the name of a so-called ‘cow protection force’. There are many such criminal cases registered are pending against him.

The police have registered a case on charges of murder, wrongful restraint, and intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace.

When The Ancient Times news asked Mr.Owais Hussain (Advocate) about this incident he says :

Firstly i m sad and very disheartened to know that such incidents are happening here in Karnataka, and people who are running such kind of organisation and looting money and killing people in the name of cow vigilantes should be banned and stopped all over the country.
If there is cow transporting or selling happening and if somebody objects on it then it is the duty of police authority to arrest the cattle trader and do necessary investigation, Further Adv Owais Hussain stated that on what authority does this road dacoit leader puneet to restrain people travelling and asking the documents for the same It is the duty of the police, not any individual person in the name of some so called organisation to restrain in broad day light and looting money and killing innocent people, this is open terrorism in the name of cow vigilant. Also Owais Hussain further said that he will be approaching the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka against the road dacoit gang to ban all such so called organisation through PIL.

The deceased’s last rites were held on Sunday, with his brother Yunus Pasha alleging that the body had several “burn injuries and wounds indicating he was tortured and killed”. Acting on his complaint, Sathanur police registered a murder case.

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