Customer duped in white collar fraud, appeals consumer court.

Report By Shivani Baddi | Christ College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 09 2019

Bengaluru: Vinayak Skoda dealers from Bengaluru sold a regular Skoda Rapid to a customer, Suhas Manjunath, a member of team BHP, claiming it to be a limited edition Black Package car in October 2016.

Suhas went to Vinayak Skoda and was told that they have only one Skoda Rapid Black Package left in stock and it happened to be the car that Suhas was looking for.

He bought the car for rupees 11.8 Lakhs on-road price. He had paid rupees 20,000 as booking amount on the 14th of October and was asked to pay rupees 30,000 more on the 18th of October so as to fully block the car.

He received his car delivery on 31st October.
On checking the documents of the car, Suhas was surprised to see that the price on the documents does not match the price told to him by the dealer.

There was a difference of around rupees 48,000. The dealer had put down a price of rupees 9,24,740 instead of rupees 9,72,617 as mentioned to him.

He also noticed that the documents did not mention anywhere that the car was a limited edition or “Black Package”.

After a meeting with the dealership regarding these issues, on 2nd November, Suhas was offered a debit note of rupees 67,605 in total.

This debit note was accepted after a direct and heated argument between the bank officials and the dealership people.
However, on 18th November, Suhas found out that the headlamp’s flash and high beam are not working.

He had to contact the dealership people and complain the malfunction he was facing, after which they sent him a new edited invoice, where the “Black Package” was mentioned and they asked him to share the same invoice with the service center.

Suhas visited the service center on 27th December but the technicians were unable to solve the problem and asked for 8-10 days of time to figure out the same.

Till then, he was asked to use his car normally. On 6th January, the service center informed him that the regular Skoda Rapid headlamps are working fine, but the projector camp that came with the black package are not functioning.

On 20th January, dealers from Vinayak Skoda told Suhas that they are ordering specially made headlamps for his car, but by checking his car VIN on the MySkoda app, Suhas by then had found out that his car is a regular version and not a special edition.

He then realized that the dealership had just changed a few parts in the car and replaced them with the parts that are available only with the black package version to sell the car as a limited edition and filed a case in the Consumer Rights courts for unfair trade practices and cheating.

After a long battle in the court, a settlement was reached between Suhas Manjunath and Skoda, where a new car was given to him. Suhas did a pre-delivery inspection of the car that he was expecting to get on the 19th of March 2019 and finally took the delivery of the car on 23rd March 2019.

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