Curfew across Bengaluru from Saturday evening till Monday morning: Police Commissioner

Bengaluru: City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has said that, following the relaxation of the Corona lockdown, curfew has been imposed on the city from 7 pm on Saturday till 7 am on Monday.

He was addressing a press conference at his office in the city on Friday. “The state government has ordered a complete lockdown in the city in the form of curfew on Sunday to prevent the spread of the Corona virus,” the commissioner said.

“The city will be provided tight security during the curfew. Organising meetings and other gatherings is not permitted. People may move out only to avail of medical facilities and get necessary items like grocery. Legal action will be taken against those who are found roaming about,” Rao warned.

The Shramik trains will leave the Bengaluru station as usual. Care will be taken to prevent any problems for the trains to leave as scheduled, he assured.

“The people should, therefore, cooperate as they have done during the stringent lockdown,” the commissioner requested.

Additional police commissioners Murugan and Soumendu Mukherjee were present at the press conference.

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