“Crocodile Protests: Karnataka Farmers Take a Bite Out of Power Outages”

In a distinctive display of frustration, farmers in Karnataka rallied against persistent power outages with an unexpected ally – a crocodile. Exasperated by the irregular power cuts disrupting their agricultural routines, they brought a live crocodile to the doorstep of the state-run Hubli Electricity Supply Company (HESCOM).

Their grievance was twofold; not only were these power interruptions hindering their daytime farming activities, but they also exposed them to the lurking dangers of wild animals and snakes when they ventured into their fields at night.

The catalyst for this unconventional protest occurred when a farmer, eager to water his fields after a belated power restoration during the late hours, stumbled upon an unexpected guest: an alligator. Villagers speculated that the reptile had ventured from the nearby Krishna River in search of prey.

This peculiar protest sheds light on the real and immediate consequences of inconsistent power supply in the region, prompting farmers to take unusual steps to draw attention to their plight.

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